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Dental Bridge Dundalk, MD

Do you have a gap in your smile because of your missing teeth? Create a fuller, healthier smile with a dental bridge. This dental restoration uses multiple false teeth to renew the form and function of the smile. Dr. Mohamed Hassan offers dental bridge treatment to his patients in his Dundalk, MD, dental office. He often recommends dental implants to secure dental bridges for the best results. When creating a treatment plan, Dr. Hassan and his dental team coordinate dental bridge treatment and take each patient’s goals into account. 

Tooth Bridge in Dundalk, Maryland

Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Bridges

A traditional dental bridge uses natural teeth to support replacement teeth. The teeth adjacent to the tooth gap secure this type of dental bridge. Dental crowns cover these natural teeth to keep the bridge in place. Implant-supported dental bridges are a modern alternative and last longer than traditional bridges. Dental implants create a solid foundation for false teeth and make it easier for patients to eat, speak, and drink. Additionally, implant-supported bridges require fewer repairs.

Dental Bridge Treatment in Dundalk, MD

Dr. Hassan thoroughly examines patients’ smiles before dental bridge treatment. If patients want an implant-secured bridge, they will need enough bone tissue to support their implants. Dr. Hassan can perform bone grafting treatment to place healthy bone tissue where it is required.

Traditional dental bridges only require dental impressions, which are sent to a dental lab. Implant-secured dental bridges also require impressions and more time for implant surgery and healing. After Dr. Hassan strategically places dental implants, they need to fuse with the jaw bone. This healing process may take three to six months. However, once the implants are healed, they become a permanent part of the mouth.

Dr. Hassan will provide a temporary restoration for patients while they wait for their permanent bridge. When the final bridge is complete, he will adjust it for optimal comfort. 

Replace Missing Teeth

Do you want to fill your tooth gaps left by missing teeth? Create a fuller and healthier smile with a dental bridge. Contact iSmile for care today. You may schedule a dental appointment to restore your smile on our website or call our practice at 410-288-1162.