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Custom Mouthguard Dundalk, MD

Does your child need a new sports mouthguard? At iSmile, we create customized sports mouthguards for patients who play contact sports. Contact sports can include hockey, boxing, and football. Our custom sports mouthguards are a good general dental solution for patients in Dundalk, MD. A sports mouthguard is a preventative treatment that protects against damage to the teeth and gums. Our dental office can also customize mouthguards for braces and other orthodontic appliances. We make sure that all patients receive mouthguards tailored to their smile.

Custom Sports Mouthguard in Dundalk, Maryland

What Are the Benefits of Sports Mouthguards?

Compared to store-bought mouthguards, professionally-made mouthguards are customized to each individual’s smile. Store-bought mouthguards do not conform to teeth and may fall out during a game. Many patients who wear these mouthguards may need to clench their teeth and jaw to keep their appliances in place. Clenching a mouthguard places pressure on the jaw joints and teeth which can easily lead to bite problems. Custom-made sports mouthguards fit properly and are made of durable material. Patients who wear a properly-fitting mouthguard do not need to worry about it slipping or falling. 

Custom Sports Mouthguards in Dundalk, MD

Dr. Hassan takes dental impressions of his patient’s smiles to create customized sports mouthguards. He sends these impressions to a dental lab where technicians make the mouthguards out of flexible plastic. When the sports mouthguard is complete, Dr. Hassan ensures that it fits properly. He will also provide patients with a case for their mouthguard. To care for your mouthguard, keep it in its case when it is not in use. You can use warm water and soap to clean your mouthguard or purchase a dissolvable mouthguard cleaner.

Some patients may think mouthguards and nightguards are the same. Although nightguards and mouthguards seem similar, they cannot be used interchangeably. Nightguards are hard acrylic oral appliances that cover the upper or lower tooth arch. Mouthguards are flexible plastic that covers the front of both arches of teeth. 

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